I am going to be running a Hand Reflexology Course for Self-Help in Bradford on Avon in June this year.

It will be held on 4th, 11th and 18th June 2019. It will be from 10.30-12pm. The cost is £45 per person.

It will provide you with the tools to practice some simple hand reflexology techniques on yourself and on family and friends.

Some of what will be covered in the course includes:

The history of Reflexology and some of the theories behind it, the benefits of Reflexology, how to adapt hand Reflexology to different people, learning the hand map, why use hand Reflexology instead of foot Reflexology, the anatomy of the hand, simple hand massage techniques, assessing the hands, techniques for stress and anxiety and for digestive issues. reactions to treatment, contraindications of the hands.

There will also be tea and coffee and biscuits available.

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